How can I contact Cigar Axe? - You can email us anytime at axe@cigaraxe.com
How do you ship? - Cigar Axe ships via USPS.
Where do you ship? - Cigar Axe currently ships to all 50 United States and its territories.
When will my order ship? - Orders are shipping within 24 hours. Typically, if you place an order today it will ship the next day by 10AM.
The deal I want is sold out. - This happens quite a bit on Cigar Axe. Deals are first come, first served. When a cigar is sold out
What is something is wrong with my order? - Easy. Just email us at axe@cigaraxe.com and we will make it right.
How long until my order arrives? - Your order will arrive, depending on where you live, between three and five days from the date it is ordered. Please note at certain times due to situations out of Cigar Axe's control, like peak mailing times (holidays), or natural disasters, your package could be delayed. If your package hasn't arrived within seven days please email us at axe@cigaraxe.com
What is my tracking number? Once an order is shipped you will be emailed your tracking number. If you didn't receive it you can look at your account my logging into Cigar Axe here. If you don't have an account you can email us axe@cigaraxe.com
How do I view my order history? - You can view this by logging into your account here. If you haven't created an account yet, you can create one by clicking here. If creating an account use the SAME email to create the account that you have used to order with.
How do I reset my account password? - Click here and then click Forget your Password. Enter your email address and a temporary password will be emailed to you.
Why do you not ship with a Boveda? - Two reasons really. First, they aren't really needed. We ship so fast your order arrives before any substantial changes to the cigars humidification wise. Second, Boveda's aren't cheap. This would be an additional cost we don't want to pass along to you.
Why do you not ship outside of the USA? - Short answer. It is a PITA for us and many times customers get import taxes added to their shipments. It isn't worth the headache.
What is your Privacy Policy? - It can be found here.
What is your Return Policy? - It can be found here.
What are your Terms of Service? - They can be found here.